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For anyone not in the alpaca industry, there may be many questions about the business and its lifestyle. What exactly does being an alpaca farmer encompass? What are alpacas like? Are the chores difficult or time consuming? How are they shorn, and what do you do with the fleece? Well HaSu Ranch Alpacas is a firm believer in the adage--a  picture is worth a thousand words. This alpaca photo gallery serves as a visual guide through the life of an alpaca farmer, specifically our's! You'll find photos of all aspects of the business, alpaca husbandry, alpaca shows, alpaca seminars, alpacas playing and even alpaca parades! We're continually adding to this alpaca gallery. So come back to see new images illuminating the life of an alpaca farmer. Enjoy the show!

HaSu Christmas 2005

HaSu Christmas 2005 At last year's Oneonta Christmas parade, the alpacas were such a hit that word of them reach all the way to Santa in the North Pole. So at the 2005 parade, Santa was present to inspect. Word has it he was looking for a new sled transport crew!
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Milford School Farm Tour 2007

Milford School Farm Tour 2007 This Fall '07 HaSu Ranch welcomed the Milford School students for a farm tour. The students were greeted with a special surprise as one of the alpacas gave birth to a baby girl just as the students arrived. The rest of the tour included an educational slide show, feeding the alpacas, and chasing them in the fields, of course!
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HaSu Christmas 2004

HaSu Christmas 2004 This year HaSu Ranch Alpacas marched in the Oneonta Christmas Parade. The alpacas charmed the crowd in their santa hats and reindeer bells.
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Shearing Day 2005

Shearing Day 2005 Most people know alpacas have wonderfully fine soft fleece. And they usually know luxurious items like sweaters, hats, capes and blankets, are made from it. But not many know how the fleece gets from the alpaca's back to the end product. At the 3rd annual HaSu Ranch Alpaca's Shearing Festival, this process was opened to the public.
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