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Alpaca Events

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Alpaca Events

Alpaca Events

HaSu Ranch Alpacas hosts numerous educational alpaca seminars throughout the year. We take education seriously and make it a priority to continually create arenas for breeders of all levels to gain the knowledge they need to succeed in the alpaca business. To that end, we have established HaSu U, our on-ranch educational program, where you will find alpaca seminars presented by Susan Muther and Hazen Reed, HaSu Ranch owners, as well as those co-presented with other experts in the alpaca industry. In addition to our group seminars, we offer one-on-one sessions dedicated to making sure you come away with the tools and the knowledge you need to earn more. You can also find Hazen and Susan as featured presenters at other alpaca farms and industry events around the country. View our calendar to see what's happening at HaSu as well as in the Alpaca Industry.

In addition to our alpaca seminars HaSu Ranch frequently hosts free open houses and farm day events where anyone interested in alpacas is welcome to come tour the farm, mingle with the alpacas, get your hands on some fleece and learn about this wonderful lifestyle and business.

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Day in the Life
day in the life

Alpacas have brought impressive financial returns to many families, but it's the fun, hands-on nature of this lifestyle that has really captivated people searching for a simpler, more rewarding life.

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featured event: HaSu U: school of marketing

Getting Seen and Getting Sales

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Susan Muther, see bio

Hazen Reed, see bio


Whether you're just starting out or a veteran breeder, this seminar teaches you how to effectively market your alpacas, generate farm visits and sales. Today's alpaca market is increasingly competitive as more breeders come into the industry and the overall quality of the U.S. alpaca herd improves. A strong farm identity and marketing plan are essential for success. This seminar focuses on differentiating your farm, leveraging the Internet and integrating marketing efforts for maximum effect.

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Topics Include:

What is Marketing?
Successful Alpaca Marketing
Strategies to reach customers
Defining Your Farm Brand
What is Brand, why it's so important?
Interactive Session: Discovering what makes you different
Developing a Farm Logo
Successful Alpaca Logos
Integrated Marketing
What is it and why is it important?
Putting the Internet to work for you
E-marketing: Using the Internet to sell more alpacas
Elements of e-marketing
Your alpaca web site
Tracking and monitoring
Email Campaigning
Why use it? Using it Effectively
Guidelines for development
Hands-On Digital Photo Session
Digital Camera Basics
Image Resolution
Photography Basics
Working with alpacas
Resizing and retouching

and much, much more.

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