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An alpaca farm owner needs a variety of skills to be successful. Many new or prospective alpaca owners have had little experience with operating a farm. And even veteran breeders need to regularly broaden their knowledge and improve their skills. The goal of the HaSu Ranch Alpaca web site is, of course, to introduce ourselves to you. But we also strive to continually provide useful information that assists all new and veteran breeders in their endeavor to succeed in the Alpaca Industry.

Here you will find helpful resources and tools addressing alpaca related topics - alpaca books, alpaca articles, alpaca web sites, service providers, and more. We regularly add new resources to our collection, so check back often. If you'd like to be notified of changes to the Resources section, please sign up for our newsletter, AlpacaScoop. You'll receive regular updates on Resources as well as additional educational information. At HaSu Ranch, we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed. We call it Mentor, Market and Breed to Succeed. Good luck in your alpaca ventures

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Durango's Yaquina

Durango's Yaquina

A stunning Champion girl with rare, star-studded genetics. She carries elite fleece that is dense, lustrous and tightly locked. A must-have suri for any serious program.

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The New Marketing Paradigm

The New Marketing Paradigm By Don E. Schultz
The authors have created a concise how-to guide for successful marketing in the 90s and beyond. If you thought marketing was all about radio/TV/print advertising, this book will open your eyes. The advice is practical and applicable across industries. If you aren't marketing this way, you should be, because your competitors will be! This book explains why mass marketing no longer works--and shows how integrated communications programs can respond to each customer.

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