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Alpaca ID Tags & Collars

Alpaca ID Tags & Collars
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Even though it may be easy for you to  distinguish one of your alpacas from the another. There will come a time, when confusion arises. To avoid this, it is best to find some method to identify your alpacas, especially those that are just visiting perhaps to breed to your herdsire! Of course, all your alpacas may already have microchips. But, in the event that the reader is not available, or the alpaca is just out of arms reach, the external name tag will make identification a cinch.

We have used both woven nylon velcro neck straps as well as the poly neck chains shown here. But we clearly prefer the chains. They are more adjustable, easier to get on and off, and seem to stay on better. The velcro collars appear a little neater, but they tend to lose their adhesiveness because the alpaca fleece gets caught in the velcro. As to the tags themselves, we have found them in two different types of plastic. The look basically the same, but one is much harder and rigid than the other. And it seems the softer, slightly more flexible one is better for writing on. The ink seems to stay on better as it sinks into the plastic a bit more.

And to make the ID tag even more useful, we also include the name of the alpaca's dam and sire on the back side. It may seem hard to believe that you would ever forget the parentage of these alpacas that you spent so much time selecting, poring over every detail of their pedigree. But inevitably, there will come a day when a potential buyer visiting the farm asks you about the dam and sire of one of your herd members and sure enough, your mind will go blank.


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